New release

2 03 2010

Version 1.2.1 has been released. It fixes some small bugs only. The database has not been changed but I would still advise you to uninstall your old version of KiwiComics and then install the new version this is because your database may have been corrupted.

So to summarize: upgrade only if you have no stability problems otherwise uninstall and then install the new version.

Try this version if you had problems with KiwiComics not starting up.


New release uploaded to Cydia/Rock repo

15 02 2010

The new release ( has been uploaded to Cydia/Rock repo. As usual there is a 24 hour window between the release and the Rock/Cydia visibility.

As some of you (Screamjet and Ankoku) have hinted the following changes have been made:

  • Added a splash screen with the text LOADING
  • Favorites are no longer removed when clearing the offline data/cache
  • Able to see chapter titles of mangas with long names
  • Fixed bugs so that you can download mangas in the background
  • Shows an Activity Indicator (progress circle) when loading new pages
  • When downloading: shows number of downloaded pages in favorites

If you have already downloaded the deb manually then there is no need to install this version.

New release 1.1.0

26 01 2010

Improved performance and stability.

Added a Clear cache button that will remove all offline data. Make sure you don’t have any active downloads when using that particular feature. Use it only when you find that KiwiComics take up to much space.

Tap to zoom – Version 1.0.7

20 01 2010

Some of you noted that the tap to zoom didn’t work. That is because it was a setting that only I could access. I have now created a settings panel that you can use. I have also tried to fix the bug where it KiwiComics wouldn’t start.

In settings you have:

  • Double tap to zoom
  • Zoom level on double tap – 100% means that one pixel on the image is one pixel on the iPhone screen.
  • Show animation – If you want that animation effect when you change pages.
  • Refresh manga list – Downloads a new manga list.

I have also added a small help section.

As always the 1.0.7 version will be available within 24 hours.


18 01 2010

Zoom feature (both tap to zoom and pinch) is implemented and ready to go. Please wait for the 1.0.6-3 release before installing. The 1.0.6-3 version arrives only an hour later than 1.0.6. It should arrive in the next 24 hours.

When using tap to zoom I had to find some other way to exit to the chapter menu. I therefore implemented the shake gesture.

I don’t really know how many that had problems with the installation/uninstallation (maybe just one?) with the former release but a way to cleanly uninstall is either to start the program once or if that fails write the following in the terminal:

touch /var/mobile/Documents/KiwiComics.sqlite

and then use Cydia/Rock as you normally would.

The problem was that I had written

rm /var/mobile/Documents/KiwiComics.sqlite

without the -f flag. Therefore the rm command gave an error if the database didn’t exist (aka you had never successfully started the program)¬†which wasn’t (but should have been) ignored by Rock and Cydia. This is kind of ironic actually, the uninstall script only failed when it wasn’t necessary to execute the script at all.

New release

15 01 2010

New release is sent and on its way. Should take 24 hours to be able to see it in Cydia. Fixes a small bug. Favorites performance. The firmware required is now 3.0.0 or higher.