Shake to exit to the chapter menu.
Tap on the sides of the iPhone screen to go to the next/previous page. Left for previous and right for the next page.
The first time you run the app be sure that you can connect to the internet otherwise the application will not allow you to start the program (just try again when you have an internet connection).


  • Double tap to zoom – Double tap with one finger leads to zooming in, double tap again to zoom out.
  • Show animation – Whether to show animations when switching between pages. Better performance when turned it off.
  • Zoom level on double tap – 100% means that one pixel on the image is one pixel on the iPhone screen.
  • Clear cache – Will remove all offline data. Make sure you don’t have any active downloads when using that particular feature. Use it only when you find that KiwiComics take up to much space.

2 responses

21 04 2010
Brian Lim

Dear Kiwicomics Group.

Recently i’ve had a problem, when i press the clear cache button, the whole program would crash. So currently my phone is out of space. I own a iphone 2g 4gig with Blackra1n. If i may get some help with this problem it would really help. Thank you.

Brian Lim

21 04 2010

i dont get how u download the mangas to read offline. can anyone help me out with that plz. also, if i need additional apps to read it offline, can u mention the name.

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