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Write new feature requests/thoughts in the comments!

My main priority right now is to fix bugs. If you recognize a pattern to the crashes please leave a comment or mail me!

There are a couple feature requests already. Please note that my time is very limited and I would like to keep my app simple. Execution is very important so please also consider how the user interface should look/work.

It would seem that perfection is attained not when no more can be added, but when no more can be removed.” – Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Consider this for example: would it  be necessary to have “go to page” if the the loading times where very short? Less features means more polish.


22 responses

27 01 2010

well, first of all, your app is wonderfull, its one of the most used by me,

i wanted to give some feedback to make your work even better..

1- it would be nice to know in what page you are inside a certain chapter, maybe some kind of popup displaying the page when you click with 3 fiungers?

2- also, fast scrolling throughout the pages in a chapter, meaning that if i managed to see up to page 20 i dont have to click 20 times at the side of the screen to get there, maybe in the same popup in the idea above, maybe a feature such as pdf viewers, Ex.
page __ of __

3- last recomendation, it would be cool for me to be able to download the chapters into my computer and just transfer them to my iphone, this way i could download them over night, and watch them next day :)

overall your app is just great, i use iphone 2g 3.1.2 and it have crashed just 3 times, and i believe it was because i was downloading too many chapters.

27 01 2010
Digital Kiwi

1. Could you give a user scenario for such a case?
2. Same here, give a user scenario. Is it because you read it chapters halfway? Maybe it should remember the last page instead?
3. Thats not gonna happen. :)

3 times sounds like a lot to me if you are referring to only the latest version 1.1?

28 01 2010

i am referring to 1.0.9, actually, i dont know how to update into 1.1 or even 1.1.1, via rock it wont appear :S

15 03 2010

Actually, I wrote a little .NET application (should also work using Mono) which allows you to add series/chapters/pages to the sqlite database which is used by KiwiComics.
Basically you download the .sqlite file from your iPhone using SSH, add new chapters/pages and upload it again.
The application is not very user-friendly since I’m the only one using it, but would anyone be interested in this too (then I would polish it and upload it somewhere)?

16 03 2010
Digital Kiwi

That sounds very nice. Made a post about it here.
I will put a permanent link to the app to download it, and give you access to create your own post about the program on this blog.

28 01 2010

I noticed that on the manga summary page, as you called in in your screenshots, there isn’t actually a summary of the manga. OneMange and MangaFox (if you ever decide to switch) both display summaries of what a series is about so would it be possible to have that displayed on the same page? Maybe a little summary button with a closeable fly-out window similar to the download window in the Rock app.

29 01 2010

Hmmm How about adding other sources like OtakuWorks/Manga Fox, these would be great additions to the already awesome app you’ve made:)
Like when u choose a series… you will be asked to choose from several sources… or being able to set that source as your default source…
or something like that…

30 01 2010

I really like the app… I think the reader is better than any available in the app store.

Couple quick things… my favorites are cleared every time I restart the app. It would be great if it would remember my favorites.

Also… some mangas (3×3 Eyes is one example) do not have any chapters available to read.

Thanks for the great reader.

16 02 2010

2/15 update… favorites are still cleared every time I restart the app.

17 02 2010
Digital Kiwi

Is anything at all saved?
Do you have the following directory?

Which software did you use to jailbrake your iPhone? Do you have Rock or Cydia?

23 02 2010

The reason that some have no chapters is because onemanga is notified by a company that wants the chapters taken down. It happened with a couple including Gantz. I show u what I mean: http://www.onemanga.com/3x3_Eyes/ Read the Notice in the red box

23 02 2010

I finally got it working after a manual install.
What I personally would find useful would be a option menu for individual chapters (Mark as read, Mark as Unread etc.)
also when opening the app the font that the loading screen is in, it doesnt feel right. Try some other stuff like some fonts that are used in the mangas, or just a standard font. I just dont like the current one.
Keep up the good work though I really like the app.

10 03 2010

I have the newest version (the one which was released on march 2).
I would like to have:
1. Download them all – download all chapters for a given manga.
1b. Download them all from the last chapter I read forward.
2. Switch to auto clear read manga – after the manga is read it is available for offline reading. If I am not careful it
might a) take lots of memory b) kill an app when I try to clear the cache (if too many are already stored – the ram goes from 120mb down to 20 and crashes during clear process)
3. Switch to auto download the next chapter – there is always an annoying delay on the border between chapters.
4. Continue button – to continue what you past read. Every time I find a newanga I have to save it as favourite sine I don’t remember the name of mangas I read first time. And if I forget I loose the manga I was reading.
5. Add some more sorting options – release date, number of chapters.
6. Add alphabetic scrolling On the side same as when you scroll the music on iPod. helps me to jump to the last letter of where I stopped to look for new manga.

11 03 2010

I agree with the last read button that Abenobashi was talking about except that I don’t think it should be a button I think there should be a tab called “Recents” and you should put a small clear button in the tab to clear the Recents sort of like the recent callers tab on the phone app on the iPhone.

Oh and I forgot to explain what I mean buy recents I mean like have it save all or some of the manga that you have read in the past.

I think that it should save the recents by Manga title and not by the chapter that would get cluttered.

11 03 2010

Oops forgot to mention one more thing.

I would like the choice as to weather it clears the chapter I just read from the cache after I’m done reading it because I noticed that it shows the little dot to indicate it has been downloaded. This is not anything that needs to be added but if it’s possible and if you have the will to than please :)

Also maybe add a feature that shows us what chapters we have read like for example I just finish reading One Piece chapter 300 I would like something there to indicate that it has been read already other then that dot that shows that it has been downloaded. Maybe have it grey the text after I’m finished or something… Again this is not a feature that is really really really really needed it’s just one of those “oh… that would be nice things” :P

22 03 2010

One thing I’ve noticed is that the app crashes when I try to turn the last page of a chapter to start the next chapter. It’s not too much of a hassle (since when it opens the scroller highlights the chapter I was about to read) but it would be nice to see the minor bug fixed.
Also, it would be nice to be able to delete read chapters one at a time without having to clear the entire cache.

2 04 2010

“I would like the choice as to weather it clears the chapter I just read from the cache after I’m done reading it because I noticed that it shows the little dot to indicate it has been downloaded. This is not anything that needs to be added but if it’s possible and if you have the will to than please :)”

as JoeGenius had said it too
“it would be nice to be able to delete read chapters one at a time without having to clear the entire cache.”

It’s a good idea to add that, instead of the clearing the whole database cached. anyway just to highlight this. i got quite a lot of downloaded cache and i’m still having the app Crash after pressing the clear offline cache button.

so far it’s still a Great app.
I hope there will be further updates for it as it been a while from your last version.

6 04 2010

The app crashes everytime I try to delete the cache and it is starting to take up some space, anyway I can do this manually by SSH’ing?

6 04 2010
Digital Kiwi

Yes. It can be done by deleting KiwiComics.sqllite

16 04 2010

The manga chapters arent updating on my ipod for bleach or naruto. im stack at 394 for bleach and 484 for naruto. is there anyways to fix it?

16 04 2010


4 05 2010

will there be a special ipad version?

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