Shutting down

7 05 2010

I regret to inform you that I am shutting down KiwiComics. The reason should come as no surprise by this time.

With nearly 40.000 downloads it has been a quite pleasant experience. I will not tell you that I don’t have time, because that would be a lie. I just prioritize differently at this stage in my life. I’ve started to live life more fully now (party!), and I am almost done with my master thesis, and I haven’t have the urge to read manga in a long, long time. It’s funny how creating a manga reader has had that effect.

If I’m to enjoy the last of my college experience, then the time to do so is now.

You may have noted that there are currently some issues with updates of manga. I believe that OneManga has made changes to  their web pages which breaks KiwiComics. This will probably not be fixed. Time to search for another manga reader! Post your alternatives in the comment section below!

Some of you have been emailing me, asking for an iPad version, but that will not happen. The thing is that the KiwiComics is somewhere in the moral grey-zone in my country (it could be argued that it simply is a web browser for OneManga), which is one of the reasons that I never asked for any money for the app or added it to appstore.

I hope some of you have enjoyed KiwiComics (and according to your ratings, which is above 4 of 5, and comments on ModMyRepo you really have!). I would also like to thank you people that visited this blog. It’s one thing to rate an app, but another one completely to take time of your busy schedule and write feedback on this blog!

As a last note: the license for the source code for this application has been changed to “Do whatever you like with it, without restrictions of any kind”.


16 03 2010 author Judith Jaquet mentions KiwiComics in one of their articles called Manga mania. It is unfortunately only for the italian readers.

New version

13 02 2010

Sorry about the wait. I no longer have a wifi connection to test my program with and I don’t really dare relying on the iPhone simulator.

If anyone could download the latest version manually and test it I would be grateful! See the sidebar to the right for the new deb (or click here). Here are the instructions to install (there are plenty of other ways to install. Google is your friend).


20 01 2010

I would like to thank those that have taken time to write comments on this blog or emailed me. Much appreciated. At the time of this writing KiwiComics have been downloaded 13 034 times in just 16 days!

New release

15 01 2010

New release is sent and on its way. Should take 24 hours to be able to see it in Cydia. Fixes a small bug. Favorites performance. The firmware required is now 3.0.0 or higher.

New mail

11 01 2010

Google choose to “temporary” ban my account for no apparent reason whatsoever. Thank you Google! Appreciate it. I only had the mail account for 3 days so I did not read many fan-mails, only one in fact.

I’ve gone over to yahoo for this reason. Click on the about page to see my new mail address.


4 01 2010

It has been uploaded to

You need to jailbreak your iPhone and or iPod Touch to use it!