KiwiComics helper program

16 03 2010

Rynus_Rein has kindly enough created a program to add series and chapters to KiwiComics.

Rein explains:

Actually, I wrote a little .NET application (should also work using Mono) which allows you to add series/chapters/pages to the sqlite database which is used by KiwiComics.
Basically you download the .sqlite file from your iPhone using SSH, add new chapters/pages and upload it again.
The application is not very user-friendly since I’m the only one using it, but would anyone be interested in this too (then I would polish it and upload it somewhere)?

Write your thoughts and/or support in the comments.  You can find his homepage here.




5 responses

16 03 2010

If it is made user friendly then by all means release it, I’d love to add tons of manga that aren’t on One Manga to my iPod.

19 03 2010

This sounds really cool I would probably use it if it where polished up.

21 03 2010

Yes, sounds very interesting!

24 03 2010

I would use it if it was a bit user friendly. Sounds like a great idea

1 05 2010

Kiwi comics for my iPhone is not updating my favourites once I set them..please help..I have to now read new episodes online instead of using the app

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