16 03 2010 author Judith Jaquet mentions KiwiComics in one of their articles called Manga mania. It is unfortunately only for the italian readers.


KiwiComics helper program

16 03 2010

Rynus_Rein has kindly enough created a program to add series and chapters to KiwiComics.

Rein explains:

Actually, I wrote a little .NET application (should also work using Mono) which allows you to add series/chapters/pages to the sqlite database which is used by KiwiComics.
Basically you download the .sqlite file from your iPhone using SSH, add new chapters/pages and upload it again.
The application is not very user-friendly since I’m the only one using it, but would anyone be interested in this too (then I would polish it and upload it somewhere)?

Write your thoughts and/or support in the comments.  You can find his homepage here.

New release

2 03 2010

Version 1.2.1 has been released. It fixes some small bugs only. The database has not been changed but I would still advise you to uninstall your old version of KiwiComics and then install the new version this is because your database may have been corrupted.

So to summarize: upgrade only if you have no stability problems otherwise uninstall and then install the new version.

Try this version if you had problems with KiwiComics not starting up.