New version

13 02 2010

Sorry about the wait. I no longer have a wifi connection to test my program with and I don’t really dare relying on the iPhone simulator.

If anyone could download the latest version manually and test it I would be grateful! See the sidebar to the right for the new deb (or click here). Here are the instructions to install (there are plenty of other ways to install. Google is your friend).




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14 02 2010

I cannot seem to find the deb file for your newest version

15 02 2010
Digital Kiwi

I have changed the post so that it includes an ordinary link to the deb file in adition to the flash box in the sidebar.

14 02 2010

it works!!! :) I noticed:
– favorites don’t disappear after emptying cache (wonderful!!!)
– now you can see the chapter of “long-named” manga

is there anything else?

thanks again!!!

15 02 2010
Digital Kiwi

Made a post about it just now. :)

14 02 2010

I love the splash screen.

I’m now able to download while browsing other manga.

When I background KiwiComics with proswitcher it no longer has just a blank icon.

I haven’t tried to empty the cache but I will report back to you on that within the hour.

So far I haven’t encountered any problems.

14 02 2010

Oh I forgot to add that the little progress circle when you turn the page works and it is really awesome.


15 02 2010

Works great here as well. Haven’t had a chance to try out clearing the cache once a large Database is built up though, had to delete it manually the other day.
It’s nice to not have to find all the favourites again now though. Liking the loading icon between pages as well, helps show it hasn’t frozen.

17 02 2010

how did u delete manually

15 02 2010

I still don’t see the deb :(

15 02 2010

I only saw it on the top right corner of this page. Couldn’t see it anywhere else. Doesn’t seem to display on iPhone safari either.

15 02 2010
Digital Kiwi

I have changed the post so that it includes an ordinary link to the deb file.

3 07 2010

I have blackrain jailbroken 3.0 itouch. But when I try to deb in Kiwicomics, it gives me this error msg!
/private/var/mobile/Library/Downloads$ dpkg -i KiwiComics.deb
(Reading database … 3272 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to replace com.kiwicomics.kiwicomics 1.1.1-0 (using KiwiComics.deb) …
Unpacking replacement com.kiwicomics.kiwicomics …
dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of com.kiwicomics.kiwicomics:
com.kiwicomics.kiwicomics depends on firmware (>= 3.0.0); however:
Version of firmware on system is 3.0.
dpkg: error processing com.kiwicomics.kiwicomics (–install):
dependency problems – leaving unconfigured
Errors were encountered while processing:
I tried upgrading via cydia it doens’ t let me either. Pls help!

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