New release 1.1.1

28 01 2010

Now resumes at the last read page for that particular chapter.

Fixed some bugs that made the program crash when loading too many chapters. Load times for the chapter display have improved as a result.




11 responses

28 01 2010

Great job!!! ;)

28 01 2010

Hi DigitalKiwi,

Thank you for the updates.

I wonder why these updates are not visible in Rock. The last version there for me was 1.0.9 updated on 26 Jan. When I tried to reinstall, i noticed it’s written ‘cached’ in place of ‘queued’ then ‘downloading’ as usual in Rock.

I know it’s unrelated with KiwiComics development, but would really appreciate if anybody can highlight what happened to me and how to get Rock download the latest version for me.

Thank you very much.

29 01 2010

The same thing is happening to me actually. I was looking forward to the January 27th update and it hasn’t shown up yet. I’ve tried both Rock and Cydia.

In the What’s New section in Rock the last date I have updated for is the 26th and I can’t seem to get content from the 27th or 28th.

29 01 2010

The same is happening to me, I’ve waited 24h, tried to download from Rock and Cydia and it’s still version 1.0.9

30 01 2010

I managed to get the new version from Cydia. though the first time I opened it up it ate all my available memory. I watched it go from 50mb down to 8mb, then 6mb then it just crashed. did that a few times before it would stay open. Gonna send an e-mail thinger using Rock, maybe I just have something thats causing it.

31 01 2010

Now I got it fron Cydia and it’s working fine. Thanks

31 01 2010

I’m having a major problem for some reason kiwicomics doesn’t show all chapters. For Bleach it only shows the latest release being 2009-9-02 and the latest chapter is 344 with some negative issues such as “-115” following after. Even Love Hina a manga that hasn’t been updated since 2007 shows issues 69 being the latest. Please note that when I was using the 1.0.9 version everything was fine. I’ve tried emptying my cache, refreshing manga, holding the home button while powering off, reisntalling, uninstalling and then reinstalling to no avail.

31 01 2010

Great app! However I’m having a crash when I try to clear the cache. The crash log says that the crash was caused by a low memory

Free pages: 372
Wired pages: 7156
Purgeable pages: 0
Largest process: KiwiComics

I guess that’s because I read too many chapters (my iPhone is almost full). is there an other way to clear up that cache?

31 01 2010

I’ve been trying to locate the folder where the comics are stored on the iPhone, but I’ve come up empty for now. Any pointers?

31 01 2010

If I remember correctly it’s in var/mobile/Documents/kiwicomics.sqlite but for me it was named appname.sqlite. Unfortunately my database isn’t updating fully sigh even when I delete the file but good luck

31 01 2010

Thanks, that looks about right (I got a appname.sqlite file that was modified today).
I’ll try to monitor it a bit to see at which size it gets too big to be deleted.

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