Manga host

13 01 2010

Manga hosts nowadays let’s do one thing and one thing only, namely to read manga by using a webbrowser. They often have very few features (seem to focus most of their effort on a great searchengine).

The features that I would like to see in OneManga and MangaFox are the following:

  • Less is more – a cleaner interface would come a long way. Think Google or ServerFault.
  • Open to developers – give them access to XML/Json feeds. Some information should be required to upload a manga like author title and so on. I understand that you have to make money to cover the server costs so require the developers to show your ads after each chapter read or something similar (using developer keys).
  • Let the users help translate. Make it a fun and collabaritive effort. If they could see a raw and circle the text to translate and then just write the translation then users could switch language on the fly. Maybe even reward the users with higher scores when a translation has been done. Make it a game to learn japanese by reading your favorite manga.
  • Help the user with recommendations similar to amazon. “You have read these so you might like these”-feature.



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