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11 01 2010

Created a page for feature requests where you can add your own and vote on others.




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13 01 2010

i personally would want downloading of an entire series, as it may take time, itd still be worth it to just have every chapter available for viewing, especially since i have an ipod.

i would think it wouldnt have too much of an effect on disk space, im running a 64gb so it doesnt matter much anyways xD

13 01 2010

Yes that would be a very nice function. But I will implement such a thing only if I get the approval of the OneManga staff because I think it would severely impact the load on their servers. If you want to you can make the request on the forum on my behalf.

14 01 2010

this is very true, ive never thought of it this way

im not sure how much of an impact i would have…

we can always hope in the future, although i will see what i can find around on the forums

14 01 2010

Yeah I was about to request that same function it would be a very nice addition to this already awesome app.

14 01 2010

Ok sorry for double posting but I have another suggestion. I constantly find myself touching either the left or right side of the screen with my palm or something when holding my phone while reading and that changes the page I mean it’s not that big a deal but it would be convenient if you could make the change page buttons a double tap or maybe add a sort of fade-in/out bar that has buttons you can use to change the page hope this helps thanks so much for this amazing app I use it more then any other.

15 01 2010

Shouldn’t take that much time to implement. I will see what I can do.

16 01 2010

It would be nice if zoom was added because on double page spreads you cant see the text and it’s really fustrating.
Apart from that this application is perfect. :D
(YaY) kiwi

17 01 2010

How about something less taxing on the servers say pull to refresh and kiwi can keep track of the last manga read (does it have a isRead flag for a chapt or something?) and pulls via user settings the next 5, 10, 15, and so on max like 25 chapters in the manga in the background while u read.

But to be honest if you want great functonallity and to download XML and json requests u may have to build it yourself.

18 01 2010

Sounds like a good idea to be able to fetch the next 1-5 chapters. I would really like to hear from the OneManga guys first though.

To create a manga host would be the best but unfortunately I don’t have the time nor the will. I know such things quickly goes out of hand and to be able to compete with OneManga one would need atleast 500 mangas with all chapters.

19 01 2010

Since when you tap once in the middle nothing happens how about letting the sides fade in and this will tell you the time what page your on, go to next chapter, and also a jump to page option.

21 01 2010

There was an app in AppStore called mangaDL which was an app that enables users to download any chapters from onemanga, mangafox, and mangavolume. How did they do that? Oh, and how long does the history of kiwicomics last?? If there was an option to erase them or keep them it would be awesome since chapters I viewed worked offline.

26 01 2010

You should add a link or some sort of button that links here into the app so that people can get here easier. Because alot of people probably have no idea this website exists I think it would bring more users in with bug reports and feature requests to add to this great app.

26 01 2010
Digital Kiwi

Good idea. I will see if I can make room for another button somewhere.

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